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Facebook Profile Picture Guard Facebook on Wednesday announced it is piloting new tools in India that can prevent misuse of facebook user profile pictures. The social giant said that the feature was rolled out after feedback they received from users in India. The new feature gives more Privacy to users by limiting who can download and share their facebook profile pictures. some Facebook users will now show a guide that invites them to activate their facebook profile picture guard tool. As things stand, someone can download & share your profile picture from Facebook, but your profile picture guard activated, this will no longer be the Possible. Additionally, people who are not your friends on Facebook won’t be able to tag anyone in facebook, including themselves, in your facebook profile picture.

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Facebook also says that it will prevent others from taking a screenshot of your Facebook profile picture where it can  possible. This feature is recently  available only on Android Smartphone and  Ios coming soon.


Method 1
Refresh your News Feed, and you’ll see a message (pictured below), prompting you to assist shield Your Profile image

  1. Click on to  Turn On Profile Picture Guard
  2.  You may then see a screen explaining the advantages of the Facebook Profile Picture Guard
  3. Click Next
  4. you will then see your current profile pic, complete with the protect image, with the choice to save

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Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Method 2

  1. First of all Open your Facebook profile.
  2. Now Tap your facebook profile photo
  3. You will then see the option below Turn on facebook profile picture guard.
  4. If You selected now you will get the option to Save, and then see your facebook profile photo with the guard symbol.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

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Facebook Profile Picture Guard Users will currently add those layers quickly through Facebook’s system, however the tools aren’t possible to cut out the copying of profile photos long. whereas Facebook says it’s doing what it will to prevent individuals from screenshotting pictures via android, users might still take screengrabs on laptop computer or desktop, and also the new blue secure border may be a “visual cue” of protection, instead of any laborious barrier. Still, though, if tests have shown that fairly simple additions will deter opportunists, then the tools square measure a probably helpful choice for Indian users. For now, Facebook has not however indicated whether or not similar measures can come back to different countries.